In 2017, Tiffany Liles founded our Sun-Rise to go beyond the services already being provided through her behavioral services company, Behavioral Services of Nevada. She saw a human need for additional support of the families and kids the company was serving. This led to the creation of the SUN program. A the same time, as a survivor of sex trafficking, she was continuing to search for ways to help the sexually exploited in Las Vegas/Clark County.  This led to the RISE program.

Ms. Tiffany Liles currently serves as Chairperson/President/Executive Director of Sun-Rise. In addition, she is CEO of Behavioral Services of Nevada and is pursuing her masters degree from Nevada State College.

Ms. Annika Huff (Mack) serves as Vice President of Sun-Rise. She a survivor of Sexual Exploitation and works with at risk and currently exploited individuals nationwide. She is an frequent speaker educating communities on on how to recognize and prevent human trafficking and sexual exploitation. More information on Ms. Mack can be found at

Mr. Mark Munger is a director and Secretary of Sun-Rise. Mr. Munger is a serial entrepreneur providing business and operational guidance to Sun-Rise. He has led companies in the Las Vegas area in casino gaming, designed physical and cyber security for high net worth individuals and been lead technical consultant to The Gaming Board for The Bahamas. Mark non-profit experience includes Youth for Christ, Junior Achievement and F.I.R.S.T. More information on Mr. Munger can be found at

Ms. Yeimi Montes is a director and treasurer of Sun-Rise. She has a B.A. in Business Administration and Finance from UNLV. She has volunteered experience with Habitat for Humanity, SafeNest, Three Square, Make a Wish Foundation, and Rebuilding Together. She currently works as a contract analyst for a local utility company.